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I Give Thanks! Greeting in the name of our Lord an savior Jesus Christ Who in this day and time Reveal Himself in the Personality of his imperial majesty Emperor Haile I the first. All praise and honor and majesty dew to thy name thou most high JAH Rastafaril to all the people of the universe, peace, love, unity, harmony, and strenght, one nation under GOD pray for the peace of Jerusalem. To the beautiful influential land of Jamaica whom I love so much peace and blessing to you. Oh my people hear the word of the Lord and turn unto him and he will give you rest. Love in the answer it never change. We are the third Largest in the Caribbean 4,244 square miles. Humble thyself and the lord will exalt you. I want to thank all the people who help to make this project possible, to engineer and musician who taught me the skills Rasta love, Mama Maudlin McFarquhar words connot explain the love and thanks for your teaching and guidance and the birth of this baby boy bless be the holy Spirit all the time. To my sister Andrea who always encourage me even when I feel like giving up she say keep toiling keep presssing. You are my Life line I love you to the Rest of my sybling I love you all.
To all my fans that encourage and support me with love and energy to keep the fire burning I love all, Rastafari.

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